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You're So Hollywood

Dude....I can't find a fucking song. I'm exhausted, hungover, and really fucking irritable. Let me take a moment and just breathe before I start in on this post.

I'm done with you for good We were always like a time bomb ticking And you're so Hollywood You're always searching for the next best thing And it's for the better - Fuck you and all your friend by Falling in Reverse
You guys, I have been wanting to quote this song for 2 weeks now but I always hesitated because I feared that if certain people read this blog then they would think it's about them and BAM, drama and more dumbass shit I have to deal with. It's literally not directed at anybody. I honestly and genuinely love this song. So as you all know, I went out last night on a double date with good friends. I did my makeup like I haven't done in a year and it was the first time my fiance and I went out where we didn't care or stress about our money situation. We had a lot of fun. Except my dum…

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