I found a rainbow...actually it was just icicles on the bench

February 6th, 2018

Alright. Day two of this blog and this is my third post. I deserve a fucking gold star if you ask me!
If you're just joining me here's the details you need to know. My names Brittany and I have Bipolar II, severe depression and anxiety, and borderline personality disorder.

 Now that is out of the way, let's go on to me telling you about my day and how absolutely boring it was.
So I'm about 90% sure I'm about to experience a Manic episode. I feel this because my mind would not shut the fuck up about this blog, conversations with Becky from That B Word podcast and just everything you could think about. I was almost to the point of obsession because I kept saying to myself  "I just want to help people. Maybe this blog can help someone and they can see that there's life at the end of the rainbow!" <---- optimistic as fuck.
I also had fears that no one is going to read this and that this is all for nothing, so what is the point in doing this. (isn't it fun to see the inner conversations I have with myself?)
So all of this? This happened before 9:30 am. After that what happened?
I emailed back and forth with Becky and guess what?!?!!?!?! She's calling me tomorrow so I can tell her my story! I will obviously share the podcast with who is following along this marvelous blogging journey of mine (heavy sarcasm)

Nothing else really happened. I mean something did but I'm going to keep you guys on suspense until Saturday. OoOoOoOoh. Exciting!

If anything else happens tonight besides watching The Good Doctor and The Resident, ya'll will be the first to know

Keep On Weavin' Thru Life
xoxo Brit


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