I'm on fire... Oh wait that's just the sun in my eyes

So excuse this lame ass post as I'm doing it via my phone. I don't have access to a computer during the day and as of now I'm not sure if I will be posting tonight. It's already been one hell of a day

Update from Last Night
So something did happen but I didn't think it was important enough to write a small micro blog. Well my mom, who follows me on Instagram, found out about my podcast interview. I was so terrified and my anxiety spiked because I didn't want to hear her say "I don't think you should do it", which she didn't but still I was so anxious about the potential of her saying it.

This Morning

So my day started out with me being 10 minutes late and me beating myself the entire drive in. It's totally unacceptable, not okay and my job is already on the line from the past 12 months and how much I've missed. So yeah, that made me an emotional mess and that was fun to deal with.
Then I started over analyzing a conversation I had with my friend last night and how they didn't seem interested in reading my blog. Does she care? Is she just too depressed to even care? I wish she would help herself.
Then I started thinking about talking to Becky tonight and boy did I start freaking out. Same damn thoughts as yesterday that wouldn't shut up. It was infuriating, frustrating and emotionally draining.
Then my fiance. Oh Jesus. The first real text I get from him is he telling me that his legs are jello from running around cleaning. Bro, I was fucking late to work, I told you I was late, and you text me (while I'm working) about your fucking legs? Do you actually think I give two shits. The best part was he apologized and then it just irritated me more. WHY DO YOU APOLOGIZE FOR FUCKING EVERYTHING. Like my God. Can I go a day without you apologizing for something? Then he send the "alright. I'll ttyl" bitch no. Why you wasting both of our times so you can be petty. Just don't reply like a normal fucking person. I'm not gonna care. I'm working and trying to bust my ass so I can make up for being late and hope to God I don't get another write up.
Boys and men are fucking dumb as fuck. They're more petty than women and more of a drama queen.


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